Helpful Resoures

Below are links to help you find community resources to help you in your recovery journey. Many times when we are dealing with external stressors we don't know where to find the right resource to help us solve our problems. 

One example we like to use in getting help for our batlles goes like this: 

Each one of us is like a giant sun with all our sunlight protruding outward. Some times when we are trying to remain clean and sober we have some type of stressful issue that takes away part of that sunlight. We have an elderly parent who suddenly needs extra care, our children have problems we aren't equipped to handle, we need to know how to get transportation, we need to find a place to help with food assistance. 

The list could go on forever. It is at this point that we are not running with 100% sunlight. The elderly parent takes up 20% of our sun, the kids take up 25% of our sun, we need food and that takes up 50% of our sunlight energy. Unforeseen issues can get you living in a world of more shade than sunlight. 

It is at this time we need to be able to find the proper resource to help us sustain these temporary setbacks and keep are eye  on recovery. 

We hope the links provided on this page will help you regain your sunlight. 

 Genesee County Community Action Resource Department An open door 

 Alcoholics Anonymous  Search for a AA meeting out of town

  Helpful Links one of the best resource  guides


Flint Odyssey Village

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